About Dollars for Scholars®

Through Dollars for Scholars, students receive the boost they need to go on to higher education or technical training-in fact, Dollars for Scholars affiliates have awarded millions of dollars in scholarships to thousands of students since 1958. As the cost of tuition continues to increase and financial aid declines, students and their families often struggle to come up with the funds needed to attend college or technical training programs. The average Dollars for Scholars award of over $1,000 often covers the gap between what students and their families can afford to pay out of pocket, and what they receive in financial aid assistance.


The Power of Community

Ever since our first scholarships were awarded over 60 years ago, students have been telling us just how important support from their community is to them. Because no two communities are exactly alike, no two affiliates are exactly alike- each affiliate has the flexibility to develop its scholarship award guidelines based on what is needed by students in its community. Ninety-nine percent of our Dollars for Scholars affiliates are managed exclusively by volunteers, who receive training from Scholarship America's staff, and their volunteer peers


How can you make the difference?

  • Give as generously as you can, but be assured that any and all gifts are appreciated.

  • Get involved in our year-round fundraising efforts.

  • Establish a scholarship with us to honor the memories of those who have made a significant contribution in the lives of others.

  • Become a Volunteer

 "There is no greater or wiser investment that a community can makethan in the educational future of its citizens."

Alan Kirschner, Programs and Public Policy, United Negro College



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